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Make floorset mapping and approval easy, with effortless approvals and seamless operations. The perfect digital companion to brick and mortar retail.

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Step 01

Select your store.

Select the unique store you would like to begin mapping. Elevate your workflow by adding frequently mapped stores to a "favorite" menu for quick recall when reopening the application. Track floorset builds with creation timestamps.

Step 02

Map your store.

Drag, Drop, Rotate and Delete until your ideal floorset is complete. Mapping is now the fun part of the job.

Step 03

Share for approval.

Share completed maps with your district or store manager with one tap. They'll be able to view, comment, and provide approvals remotely, saving on time and travel while improving consistency between stores. This saves on time and travel while maintaining a consistent floor set execution. Need limited views? No problem, Mapped is able to tie into your SSO system for tiered map visibility.

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